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Network Agency + Management Artists

NETWORK AGENCY + MANAGEMENT has enjoyed over 17 years as one of Australia’s leading photography, styling and hair & makeup agencies.

Network prides itself on managing a select group of highly respected, award-winning artists each with their own speciality and unique style.

We can handle any size production from the initial concept to final print. Typical projects may include a technical still life shoot, a fashion campaign with a leading label, a dynamic car shoot on location, a mouth-watering food story, a high-profile celebrity portrait or a large complicated set with extensive cast and crew.

The team of producers at Network have a unique understanding of each photographic discipline and work closely with the photographer, the agency and the client to achieve the best possible result on deadline and within budget. The team co-ordinate all production requirements and logistics on each and every shoot.

From quoting, art direction, casting, negotiation of contracts, location scouting and permits, to lighting and equipment, sourcing props, travel, accommodation and delicious catering.

We have long-standing relationships with photographic studios, graphic designers, set builders, animal handlers, retouchers, post-production houses and printers. We also have extensive experience in producing both overseas shoots and for international clients shooting within Australia.

As a boutique agency we have the advantage of being able to offer a dedicated and hands-on service giving our full commitment to every job, no matter how big or small. Owner and director HELEN SEGGIE is highly respected with a wealth of experience in all facets of the industry. Senior producers ADELE NÉMORIN and SOPHIE PENHALLOW all offering their individual skills and extensive knowledge.

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